Monday, March 29, 2010

Backyard picnic

Chelsea was going crazy inside this afternoon, so i packed up all the bear-making stuff and some of her toys and we set up camp in the backyard. I plonked her right in the middle of our rather large picnic blanket - but she still managed to find her way off the edge of it, and into the muddy grass! Her nice little romper is now in the washing machine in a (probably in vain) attempt to get it clean again!

I should probably change the title of this blog to 'The Inner World of Chelsea' instead! Seems like it would be more appropriate! :P Nevermind. I did get a heap of bears drawn up on saturday night while Chelsea and Mark slept. A bit of Harry Potter on the TV in the background, and i was inspired like i haven't been in a long time. So now the slow process is cutting and pinning them all out. I have one that i sewed while Chels had her morning sleep today that i'll try those polymer clay eyelids on tonight.

So bear stuff is happening. Just slowly, and in the background at the moment. More bear photos will come soon enough!

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