Thursday, October 28, 2010

A trio of Panda's in progress

After finishing Lyric - my gorgeous big fluffy brown/cream panda recently, I was reminded of how much I enjoy the matching of 'panda' colours. I made a little vow to myself to make some more panda's - using BLACK! after I'd gotten through all the other idea's that were begging to be completed (namely Meguinis and New Life!).

So now my idea's board is clear again, and I've spent the last few days sneaking little moments to draw up new panda patterns, lay them out, trace them, cut them and pin them. I have two ready to go (and one still needing to be cut). One will be pink and black, One will be a batik tan and black and the last will be chocolate and honey! So excited to get these finished.

I think that's the hardest thing about crafting with a toddler in the house - you have no choice but to learn patience. Once upon a time I would have just rushed home from work and spend the rest of the evening sewing until the bear was done - no matter the time I eventually got to sleep, or the fact that my poor husband had to cook dinner if he wanted to eat! Now I try and get what I can done around Miss Chelsea's day sleeps, and also what I can once she goes down for the night. But I am usually too tired (or too worried about waking her again with the sound of the sewing machine) to get much done then! :P

Enough of the pity party now I think! :P I'll leave you all with some photo's of old Panda's of mine - what fun they all were!


  1. What a beautiful selection of pandas. Any one of which should satisfy the dedicated panda lover.


  2. Love the golden oldies, looking forward to meeting the newbies!

  3. What a lot of eye candy – PANDAS! My latest obsession too. Love the black and brown with funky hair!

  4. OH how adorable! You have now stolen my little grand daughter's heart! LOL!!!

    So BEAUTIFUL Emma!