Monday, October 4, 2010

spending spree

I've been on a bit of a spending spree buying bears for my collection lately. I couldn't resist this little fatty though - and at such reasonable prices, why not!?

This is Minty, completely hand stitched by Pat Morris of Bears by Pat Morris. Hasn't he got the sweetest, squishiest little face!

Minty is extremely well made and his fur is just divine. The exact kind of fur I love in the bears I buy for myself, but hesitate to buy to make bears from due to the cost! Or - when i do splash out and buy some, it sits at the bottom of my fur stash unused because I can't bring myself to cut it! :P

But anyway, the point of this was mostly to encourage you to check out Pat's Bears. She has some incredible sales on at the moment too, with a section of bears half price (which, when they were already well priced is pretty damn good!).

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