Monday, October 11, 2010

Pregnancy update

Thought I might share a pregnant belly pic for those who are interested. Not that it's really an accurate representation on how big the baby is, cause there is a lot of extra padding left over from Chelsea's pregnancy there! This was taken at 24 weeks.

For comparison sake - this is me at 25 weeks with Chelsea. I think things are pretty similar size-wise. I 'feel' a lot bigger this time round... but I don't know why. He does do a lot of moving, so maybe I am just more aware of being 'with child'!? And I worked full time the whole way through Chelsea's pregnancy, whereas now I am just waddling around at home getting bigger!

We still can't decide on a name either. I seriously thought it would be easier this time round, having narrowed it down to one gender! But, the search continues! (any suggestions!? We're thinking it would be nice to have 'Christopher' as the middle name (Mark's late father's name) - so something that would flow nicely with that...?)


  1. you look very cute on your pictures! *smile* hope everything is nice and you dont have any "pregnancyproblems" (like me!)
    take time to relax!
    wishing you all the best!
    hugs from germany!

  2. Hummmm.... I think it's going to be a boy.
    You do such creative work. I just love all your teddy bears and other creations too. Keep up the great work and good luck with your upcoming sweet baby.