Thursday, October 14, 2010

The new patterns are here

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for Chels. She seems to be doing much better. No more rash and no more itching is a huge improvement!

Thought I'd also take the opportunity to let those of you who are interested know that I have some of the new patterns ready in my etsy store. I've also just set up a MadeIt store and have a button down the left hand side of the blog. It's basically the same idea as etsy, but Australian based. (not sure how many Aussie readers I have - but international customers are still welcome!). One of the benefits of the Aussie dollar being so strong right now is that I haven't had to convert my prices back as we're pretty much dollar for dollar with the US now! Crazy!

So setting up online stores has occupied me for the last few days (well, that and madly reading ingredient labels on EVERYTHING!). But I do have two new bears in the works that I hope to have final photos of within the next few days. One will be a largish blonde/brown panda with luxury curly mohair, and the other a little bear in red,black and tan. I'm just hoping they'll look as cute as they are currently appearing in my mind!

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