Saturday, October 30, 2010

My 'Pretty Rose' - Li Mei

I would have had this gorgeous young lady finished a lot earlier than this - but unfortunately things didn't go so smoothly over the last day or so!

I had a doctors check up appointment yesterday, just to make sure baby is growing as he should be. Firstly my blood pressure was too high, then baby was measuring too small, and then I was informed that I had missed a check up appointment (I didn't realise there was another one I should have gone to! Woops!).

So with all of that information, my Dr decided I needed to go to the local hospital immediately, so they could do further tests. Luckily my mum was coming around to visit, so she watched Chelsea. Mark left work early and we spent the better part of 4 hours at the hospital with a monitor strapped to my belly checking bub's heart beat (a very strong 170bpm) and movement (he didn't really stop moving the whole time!). I was measured and poked and prodded, had to do blood tests and urine tests and have my blood pressure taken again - and it was decided that everything was perfect! If anything, they think he's big for his gestational age - a good 2+ weeks big!

So after all the 'excitement' of the day, I managed to have some relaxing time in front of the TV last night, and got my first panda finished. I've called her Li Mei, which means 'pretty rose' in Chinese (according to anyways!). She is so gorgeous (if I do say so myself!) and such a nice way to have finished an otherwise rather stressful day. I find that I just can't stop looking at her too. There is something so special about the black/pink combination!


  1. Such an adorable Panda! I love that pink and black combo too. Sheesh, what a scare you must have had with the doctors. Glad everything is okay.

  2. She definitely is gorgeous, sorry you had such a crappy day before you finished her though!

  3. Thanks guys. It was a bit of a crappy day, but if I look at the positives, at least I'm really comfortable with the hospital now. I was a bit nervous about going there up until this point (its a different hospital to the one I had Chelsea in), but now I know what to expect I think it will really help when it comes to 'Delivery Day'!