Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A little bundle of colour

This crazy looking little dynamite is Meguinis. His name (according to means 'feather' in Native American. He is the result of a combination of three awesome mohair pieces I was keeping 'for that special bear'. I had just enough to get Meguinis completed. I just LOVE the red fur. I really wish I could track some more down. It's so thick, and long and the colouring just tickles my fancy! Just stunning.

And the problem is that I can't remember where I got the fur from in the first place! :P Nevermind, I do have a decent stash of other gorgeous pieces, AND I did just splurge on a whole new batch of ebay-found pieces. So I don't 'need' more...


  1. I like your Meguinis :) He seems very strong and valiant. I like these mixed colours :) Congratulations!

    Molly Hugs, Neri

  2. Oh, Meguinis is so cute and original bear! Like him very much :)

    Best wishes,