Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new Panda, as promised

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I was working on a new panda. This is the finished product. I've named him Lyric. I have no idea why - it just jumped out at me as the right name for him!

He is made from the last of my stash of these two gorgeous pieces of mohair. I just love using this pattern for pandas. I know he doesn't have a very 'Panda-ish' shape, but I love the long arms and legs, and the fat little belly. I've made a few non-traditional pandas over the years from various versions of this pattern of mine.

I've just listed him on bearpile, and plan to list him on etsy and madeit too - later on today if I get a chance, or if he doesn't sell before then (I can hope! :P).

I also finished two more baby comforter elephant cushions too. This time in a gorgeous silky chocolate brown synthetic fur with skull and cross bone satin ears! Something a little more 'punk' for a more daring nursery!


  1. What a great idea those little elephants are..... !!

    Names is funny how they do happen... I like Lyric.... suits to a

  2. El oso te ha quedado Muy simpático. Los elefantes encantadores hijo.
    Besitos de mayo

  3. Aww, love him, especially those brown cheeks