Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aideen - 'little fire'

Mark and I are working as a team now. He left his day job last week so that the two of us can manage the ever expanding monster that is 'Emma's Bears'! I am SO excited to have him on board. The kids are excited. Even the dog is excited! The atmosphere in our house has completely changed. It's as drastic as a season change... which I will admit we're in the middle of at the moment as well (damn those nights are getting COLD now!)...

... and this is our latest combined production  - we've called her 'Aideen', as the name means little fire in Irish, and seemed only too appropriate for a stunning girl with fire-orange mohair!

Aideen looks out through a pair of our hand painted, OOAK glass eyes. I tried MANY different pairs against her startling fur to see which one looked best. And I almost went with a deep blue set... but in the end the gold/violet/sky-blue won me over. It was more subtle, and gave her a kind of wide-eyed, wondrous and innocent expression.  

Mark did a lot of this lady himself. And I must say, that as someone who has been making bears for all of my adult life (and considers herself as some one who has mastered many of the little tricks) - he did a bloody good job unassisted! I worried that I'd spend a lot of the initial time having to train him up - but I don't think this is going to be a problem. Maybe there's some bear-crafting talent that has been hidden away under the surface all these years while I've hogged the limelight!? 

Mark carefully selected her fur, and the appropriate design to show it off. I actually think this works so well too - and couldn't imagine any other bear out of this piece of fur now that Aideen is here. I love this design, with the long elegant neck, slim-line limbs and portly belly! (oh - and that yummy regal nose!)

Aideen is currently available for adoption. She is 18" tall from head to toe, but is very fine-featured, so you can expect to pay a lot less for her than you would for any other 18" bear! Her adoption fee is $180 and INCLUDES worldwide postage - so there are no nasty surprised for international adopters, especially considering she'll be travelling all the way from 'down under'! ;) 


  1. Wow, Aideen is really an extraordinary teddy bear.
    The colour fits well with the blue accessories.
    Hugs, Iris

  2. Aldeen surely would stun people as she walked into a room with her bright and beautiful fur.