Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trio of Boys - Huntley, Hollis and Hendrix

I did it! I finally got some BEARS finished! That's what we're all here to see after all!

These three are made from our newest mohair stock. I really wanted to show off how perfect this tipped and distressed fur is for older style/antiqued bears.

This little guy is Hendrix. He's made in a mix of 'Porcelain Frost' and 'Emma's Grizzly. I hadn't intended to mix and match the colours at first, but as I was assembling the bears it just felt right. They really do look so gorgeous as a trio now too!

This is Hollis. He's made in a mix of 'Sahara Sunset' and 'Porcelain Frost'. I just love the contrast with the green/blue cotton collar too.

And Last but not least, we have Huntley. He is made from 'Emma's Grizzly' and 'Sahara Sunset'. I think he ended up with the most serious expression too. So cute!

All of these fabrics can be purchased in our etsy store, along with a variety of other colours in the same pile type as well - so you could do even more mixing and matching!


  1. Your 3 little brothers look great. Love the porcelain frost.

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  3. Love the fur on these guys, and how you mixed and matched. Such beautiful faces on all three of them.