Saturday, May 12, 2012

This week's news: bears, bears, bears and a piggy!


Mark and I have been busy this week. These are some of the creations that are currently available from our crafting endeavors! This little purple tipped lady is 'Tulip' - made in one of the softest, sweetest faux fur fabrics around! She can be found in our etsy store. 


Next on the list of creations to emerge was 'Seamus' - 9" of stunning curly kid mohair panda-ness! I just love the contrast between the startling blue of his hand painted eyes and his pendant, and the stark white and vibrant orange of his fur! This boy makes my eyes happy! lol. He too can be found in our etsy store.  


And then this little lady was completed last night (or should I say early this morning! lol). She's crafted in the same baby-proportion pattern as Seamus (with the big head, and stumpy little limbs), and she also has some of the kid mohair for her head - but this time we've paired it with a crazy deep blue tipped orange mohair for her body/limbs. We've called her 'Soleil' as she reminds me of a big, bright sun! She too has just been listed in our etsy store. 

'Hand-painted Glass Eyes'

And we've also been painting up new glass eyes too. I needed some larger sized ones for some of the new designs I'm working on for the Teddies Worldwide Online Bear Show in July - so we did a few extra pairs as well. I personally planned to use the bottom pair in the above pic for my creation - but the blue got lost in the blue mohair of my work-in-progress... so I'll have to try a different colour combo. I LOVE that blue/green/black effect though - so happy with these eyes! 

These pairs are also available for purchase if you're looking for something a little different to use on your next bear. The largest ones (very top photo) are 18mm diameter and $15 a pair. The larger eyes in these two photos are 14mm diameter, and $12 a pair. And the smaller eyes here are 9mm diameter, and $9 a pair. I have these same photos with corresponding codes to make ordering easier on our new bear supplies facebook page too: 'Fur Addiction'.

And this last little fantasy creature is a custom ordered rainbow guinea pig from one of our guinea pig customers/likers. This was the very last of this awesome rainbow fur! I think I'm going to have to see if I can track down some more - I LOVED it, and we made so many awesome bears, and guinea pigs and creatures with it! Why is it so hard to find really unusual, useful faux furs!? 

We will have a new shipment of our own custom chosen faux fur fabrics arriving from the factory in a matter of weeks too. We weren't able to get rainbow pieces - but we do have over 1700m of AWESOME teddy-bear-perfect fabrics to work with, and to offer for sale for other bear makers. All have been painstakingly chosen for the best piles, the best backings and the most incredible colours. Can't wait to show them off - keep an eye on this blog as no doubt this will be one of the first places we announce the arrival! 

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