Thursday, May 24, 2012

Imelda Again

So these are the 'next day' photos. The colour didn't improve! lol (and there I was blaming the evening lighting... I think it's just my camera!). But, it does show how lovely she is, so it'll do.

If you're curious, on my computer these images are just showing her fur a shade deeper than it really is. The caramel/cinnamon colouring on the base fur is a lot more prominent in person.

She's such a big, heavy girl that she can stand unassisted too. Mark did an excellent job on the stuffing. She feels like she has substance. Like she's a 'real' thing, not just a teddy. I love how a bit of strategic weight placement can achieve that too.

Oh - and I had to finish with the nappy shot! Just too cute! Imelda is currently available from either bearpile or etsy. 


  1. What a charming girl. She has a face I can't help but love.

  2. She is lovely, and her color is so pretty with the pink and white she is wearing.

  3. thanks guys! I really love the choc/pink colour combo too. It's kind of as 'Delicious' as a colour can be!