Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's my mum's birthday today. She's 50! How crazy is that. I can't imagine having lived for half a century, but she seriously doesn't look a day over 35yrs old! I swear people think we're sisters when we go out! 
(I'm hoping these amazing genes kick in for me soon! lol)

My mum loves this shade of blue. So I decided that it would be as good a birthday as ever to make her a bear in her favourite colour. I don't think I've made her a bear since I still lived at home... a good decade or so ago! (so it was a little over due really!). This gorgeous bear was the result! 

Mark and I hand dyed her fur, which has subtle silver sparkles all through the pile! We hand painted her eyes in a mix of blues and more silver, edged in black for depth. She has a big, classic 'Emma's Bears' nose and this time, I gave her a smile! I was worried she'd end up looking more manic than happy, but I actually feel like she's got a bit of a 'Mona Lisa' thing going on! 

Mum unwrapped her yesterday, so it's safe for me to share the pics! (I'm pretty sure she liked her! It's kind of hard not to be sucked in by that blue! lol)


  1. I'm sure your Mum would have been over the moon receiving one of your beautiful bears.Such sparkly blue eyes.

  2. Wow, what an amazing blue/turqoise! Your Mum surely will like her teddy bear Elizabeth very much. Beary hugs, Iris xxx