Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saffron and Oddball

This little stunner was the final bear in my trio of orange kid mohair bears that I started last week. I put it to a vote on my facebook page, and it was decided that she should be called 'Saffron' - which is seriously the most perfect name for her. She has already been adopted too, and arrived today to a happy new mum!

All three bears together before Saffron shipped out. 

 And this oddity is a bit of an experimental bear. I think with Mark on board for the crafting side of things now, I got a little bold, and decided to see how a bear with a button for an eye would look. I wanted him to be aged, but still contemporary. So we played around with the symmetry (note the lack thereof!) and found a use for one of my mismatched glass eyes - and a very odd anchor shaped button!

I will admit I did wonder what monstrosity I had created at first... but he kind of grows on you. Now I can't stop smiling when I look at his strangeness! If he has tickled your fancy, he's just gone live on etsy and bearpile.

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