Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Winter Wonderland Brisbane Doll and Bear show... and a new baby bear

We attended our first Winter Wonderland Doll and Bear show on the weekend just gone. We've visited as customers before, but never as traders. It was a fun experience, but also an exhausting one! 

During the previous week we were busy making some new bears to debut at the show. One of them is this little guy below. We called him 'Baby Caden Jack'

Name: Caden Jack
Born: 5/06/15 
Time: 4:19pm
Weight: 4lb 6oz
Length: 18"

Caden is now available for adoption in our etsy store. We have one more baby bear to complete in this amazing mohair, but we're thinking that one will be a little girl. So if you're more partial to the little men you might want to consider adopting a small bundle of cuddly mohair baby goodness!

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