Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Otis Oddly

Otis Oddly is indeed a very odd little man. He has been designed to have huge feet, a rounded belly, cute curved paws and a tiny little head! All together these aspects give him a rather quirky look.

Otis Oddly is made from two types of mohair - one is a blonde wispy pile on a pinky/beige backing, the other is a cream pile with a rich chocolate tip. Otis looks out through tiny black glass eyes and has a hand embroidered black cotton nose. He is fully jointed and stuffed with a mix of steel shot and polyfill. His toes have been embroidered, pulled and shaded and he wears a simple navy blue and gold organza bow around his neck (fully removable).

Otis Oddly is only a pocket-sized little fellow, but he is sure to stand out in a bear collection! He is a one of a kind. Adoption fee is AUD$110 plus postage. You can find his listing on our website.

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