Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So... back in 2012/2013 we ordered in our most colourful shipment of faux fur. In that shipment was a funky and very bright rainbow striped fur we called 'Clown's Colar'. We had been meaning to make an example bear in this fur since we collected the shipment from the port of Brisbane... but just never got around to it!

Until today!

This gorgeous girl is made using our 19" Kanoa design which showcases the cascading stripes down the long lanky limbs. And to help her face be seen amidst the loud colouring, we have her simple big black glass eyes and a contrasting green cotton nose.

Mayura is a one of a kind artist bear as made by us here at Emma's Bears. We do have a kit available for her though if you'd like to bring a bit of rainbow into your life too! ;)

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