Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Madeline and Atlantis

This little lady is Matilda. She was made during the previous week as a table piece for the Winter Wonderland Doll and Bear show we attended on the weekend just gone. She is 16" tall, made using our 'Lyric' pattern and our 'English Rose' and 'Ace of Spades' faux fur.

She is a one of a kind artist Panda Bear as made by Emma's Bears, but we do also have a kit available for her if you'd like to have a go at bear making yourself. I would consider her kit as an intermediate skill-level one though, as this curly pink fur can require a bit of patience to work with!

If you'd like to take home the original Madeline, you can find all of her details on our website.

We also whipped up this funky little guy. His name is Atlantis and he is made from our 'Atlantis' newly imported long pile turquoise faux fur mixed with our curly white mongolian faux fur 'Blanc de blanc'. We used our 'Happy' pattern to create this bear and as such have a kit available for him as well if you'd like to try making a really fluffy teddy!

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