Monday, September 26, 2016

Pastel Puff and Funfetti - new Kits

This past weekend was all about School Holiday fun. We took the kids to see the new 'Secret life of Pets' move at the cinema, and then for a play in the park and some yummy takeaway lunch afterwards. After they were in bed I was able to get a bit more work done of these two custom orders. Both have been adopted now, but we do have kits available as they were also both made as fur-example pieces :)

The little lady below has been made in our new 'Pastel Puff' faux fur, and our 12" Sugar pattern. We have kits available for her in our etsy store. We have a decent amount of the Pastel Puff fur in stock, but not so much of the rainbow fur used to make 'Funfetti' below...

...this is Funfetti. He has been made using our new 'Funfetti' rainbow splashed faux fur, and our 16" Lyric pattern. We also have kits available for him (until this rainbow fur is sold out anyways!).

I will add the disclaimer that your bear may not end up looking EXACTLY like our example Pastel Puff and Funfetti bears though. Each handmade bear will end up being unique due to a series of small decisions you make during the creating process. Even if we made more of these two tomorrow, the colour placement would be different, the nose would likely end up slightly larger or smaller, the eyes might end up slightly closer together - or slightly further apart.
Making an artist bear is kind of like picking up a 'choose-your-own adventure' novel. Each step in the process will impact on the next one, culminating in your own unique teddy at the end! And I can't wait to see YOURS!

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