Sunday, September 11, 2016

Brand new batch of rainbow dyed bear making fur!

We have been crazy busy this week. Once we finished the Yowie custom order it was time to dye up our newest batch of rainbow bear making mohair. I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that we needed to dye more fur this time then we ever have before. Because previously the rainbow fur sold out too fast and many people missed out. So I set about cutting up over 10 meters of mohair, alpaca and viscose. And then painstakingly hand-painting each piece.

Usually I like to do the rainbow dye batches in summer so I can let the pieces dry flat in the sun. But this time it is Spring here in Australia - and this week just so happened to be one of the wettest weeks we've had in a long time. It was so wet we had to bring some of the fur inside the house and lay it out on the lounge room floor to avoid it getting flooded! It took nearly 3 days for all 50+ pieces to eventually dry - but it did. And we finally got it all photographed and listed online this afternoon. So if you would like some delicious rainbow-dyed mohair or alpaca or viscose, feel free to come and check it out. (I can't guarantee how long it will last!).

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