Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bouncing Baby Bears

This week was dedicated to BABY BEARS! We had a custom order, but our collector was having a hell of a time deciding on the fur for her bub. (It can be very hard to visualise how a flat piece of fabric will look made into teddy-form). So I suggested that I made 2 or 3 baby bears from the pieces of mohair she had short listed, then she could pick the face that appealed the most.

I went a little crazy and made 5 bears instead - but my craziness is your gain because the commissioning collector has made her selection and the 4 cuties you see above will be available for general adoption! We'll be listing them on our website at 7pm (AEST) Friday the 2nd September, and it'll be a strictly first in first choice situation. (We're hoping our website holds up and we don't get glitches as there literally is only one of each of these guys :S).

So if you'd like to try and take one of this babies home, feel free to pop on over to after dinner  :)

{ Some work-in-progress pics below }

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