Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Settled (mostly)

Well, THAT was a weekend to remember! We're all moved and settled now though. I have a nice little nook for my sewing machine, the bears and fabric have their display shelf, the fabric rolls are stacked nicely and the kids rooms are all set up with new beds and their favourite toys (the rest of the toys have been boxed and placed in storage. It'll be like Christmas when we move to our final location and they get to unpack them all again!).

The brilliant part about our current temporary location is that we have the business downstairs and the 'house' upstairs, so we will be able to have customers come and touch/see the fabric in person now if they are local. (All the contact details can be found on our 'About Us' page on the FurAddiction website).

I set about working on a lanky bear in some of our hand-dyed mohair this morning. The light isn't great in my little nook, but we'll grab a bigger lamp next time we're out and about to remedy that.

But, despite the light-issue, we still managed to get this vibrant little lady finished. She's an homage to Summer now that we've just clicked over into Winter down here in Australia. She has a sweet summer-dress with dolphin print, franjipani beaded necklace and a little headband. We asked our Facebook likers to help us name her, and they came up with 'Marigold' which suits her nicely.

Marigold is made using a piece of our hand-painted mohair, and our 'Kanoa' pattern.

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