Sunday, June 8, 2014

Teddies Worldwide Online Bear show PREVIEW

The Teddies Worldwide online bear show is nearly here!!! (I still have two more bears to finish for it too! Somebody needs to slow down time already!).

The preview bears for all 75 artists were unveiled over the weekend. I think I spent a good 15mins just going through each listing and making all sorts of 'oohhh' and 'ahhh' noises! There are some spectacular entries.

The little bear above is our preview bear for the 'Vacation' themed show. We've called her 'Island Sunset' (and she's made from our faux fur on the same name).

If you want to check out the preview bears and vote for your favourite you can find the preview on the Teddies Worldwide Website.

[You might notice our little Fur Addiction ad on the top right hand side too!] 

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  1. I have had a quick look but have not had time to study them and vote yet. I wish you well.