Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Dragon

This week I've been working on finishing the bears for the Teddies Worldwide Show (which I have! Hurray!), and working on some custom bears, elephants and guinea pig plushies, AND working on a few 'available for sale' critters as well. 

This little cutie was the first to be finished. I didn't plan to complete her yet. I actually have another Dragon in blue/silver sparkle faux fur cut up and ready to sew as well, and meant to finish the pair of them together... but this green girl was begging me to bring her to life. 

Slowly but surely over the last few days she took form. Until earlier this afternoon I actually had a gorgeous little face looking back at me...

... and 'Natsuki' was born. 

Her name means 'Moon' and 'Green' - kind of appropriate for both her funky mohair (of which we have a very limited last few pieces left) and her stunning gold-tone/faux crystal moon shaped forehead talisman.

I didn't want to make her quite as expensive and fragile as my original two baby dragons, so experimented with giving her soft black leather claws instead of clay ones. It actually worked quite well and looks pretty effective.

We also decided to try making our own wings for Natsuki. I made them a little smaller, and in the same fabric as her spikes/belly/ paw pads - coating in golden sparkles and with a sparking clear glass crystal drop on the end of each wing.

Natsuki is a one of a kind, very special little soft sculpture dragon. She is currently available in our etsy store

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