Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who's brilliant idea was THIS!?

Mark and I have been discussing moving house for a while now, but we'd put it off while I was pregnant with the surrogate bub as that really would have been biting off more then we could chew!!

But I'm recovered now (and able to lift again!), and so our conversations got a little more real. And a little more action-based. Until before we knew it we had a plan in place and a whole house (with full mail-order fabric business!) to pack up! We've decided to see if we can move a little more rural - a larger block of land for the kids and the dogs, and space for us to build a proper warehouse for the business. And maybe even a store front (if we don't have to go too far out into the bush to be able to afford a property anyways!).

We have a deadline of next January 2015 to try and be in our new home as this is when Chelsea will start school. And we'd like to be settled somewhere in time for her first day. We move into a rental property this weekend to allow us to renovate our house for sale... then we cross our fingers and hope someone likes this place as much as we did.

It really is amazing how much STUFF you can accumulate over the years. I've been busily moving from room to room trying to cull the things we don't need, don't use or that simply don't add to our lives (we've already delivered a full ute-load full of donated goods to the Red Cross. They were so thankful, but Mark and I were like 'No, thank YOU'! )

We now have little pockets of our house with piles of things we're keeping, but still need to pack.

We have bunk beds in pieces and leaning up against the walls. We have precarious piles of boxes that the kids think we've put there especially for their climbing pleasure! And we still have to sort out the business side of things. We have over 50 different types of fur we sell in our Fur Addiction mail order business, and most of the different lines have 3-4rolls a piece... that equals a LOT of fabric to move! And that's not including all the little bits and pieces like eyes and joints and bead weights and stuffing...

... yeah. Who's idea was this!?

(The dogs decided they'd 'help' with the packing by reducing the weight of the dog house. Such thoughtful little critters!) 

So, for the next few days there won't be a lot of bear-making happening. Our packing of fabric orders might be a little delayed as well, though we do hope to be set up by this time next week. 

In the meantime we live around the chaos, and plan for the next stage of both our lives and our business! 


  1. Good luck in finding your perfect home.

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