Wednesday, May 7, 2014

'Phyre' - with WIP pics

Late last week I had a big sewing-session, and finished it with this bear. This was his head fresh from the sewing machine, and soo big that my hand fit right up inside of it.

Then it came time to get to work on the detailing. The photo above shows the face stuffed, neck joint in place and cheeks trimmed. I think the eye-sockets have been pulled here as well.

This shows the eyes set and nose/mouth embroidered. I was dreading having to attach the ears as this fur was quite thick! I have ONE large piece of this fur left over if you would like to have a go with it too? It does make up beautifully. (btw - the ears weren't that bad to attach! I always anticipate that things will be worse then they are!).

And then this was our finished bear - 2-foot tall and simple handsome. We called him 'Phyre', which is a little cheesy, but suited him too perfectly not to use as his name! He is a one of a kind artist bear, and something a little different. He is currently available for adoption from our etsy store.