Sunday, December 22, 2013

The bunny with the longest ears...

I had a little piece of one of our newest imported Limited Edition German mohair lines that was an odd shape, and too small to sell on our website - so decided to make up a duo of bear and bunny to see how it would look made up. I didn't expect much to be honest. I don't usually go for the super dense short pile mohair. I naturally gravitate towards long and wavy and luxurious... but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how neat this mohair ended up looking.

The bear and bunny are cut from one of our un-released patterns that was actually just for a bear. I improvised some bunny ears for the second critter as I had just enough fabric to fit them in. I think my original plan had been to make them long and floppy... but as I sewed them I realised they were not going to be the droopy kind at all!

So bunny ended up with rather comically long, sticky-uppy ears! Which are actually really quite cute! lol

This is the little bear. We've called him 'Seren', and he's actually available in our etsy store at present.

And this is our little bunny, 'Shakila'. We also gave her a kid-mohair white bunny-tail to complete her look. She too is available in our etsy store.

This is the fabric we used to make Seren and Shakila. It's actually a mohair/wool/alpaca blend. We have a few pieces left on our website, but I don't think they'll last long.

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