Thursday, December 12, 2013


These two pigs have been sitting in my 'to-be-finished' bucket for quite a few months now. I had planned to have them finished in time for releasing our pig pattern as a PDF that our customers can download and create themselves... but I haven't been proactive enough and the pattern is still sitting in the draft form! I WILL send it off to our graphic designer next week though. So all going well we will have it ready to release in early 2014.

For now, we just have these two cuties available for adoption. 'Boden' is made from a slightly fluffier hand-dyed mohair in limes, blues and aqua greens. He does have the more appealing face in my eyes - which is bizarre because I wasn't totally convinced the longer mohair would work for this design. He is currently available in our etsy store.

And this is 'Britta'. She is made from a piece of the original type of mohair we designed this pattern for - a nice antiqued/matted mohair. We hand-dyed this piece is a rich pink. Britta is also available in our etsy store. 

We've been quite busy this week dyeing up our last batch of rainbow mohair for 2013 as well. I've just posted the photos of the available pieces on our Fur Addiction Facebook page, but will do a blog post and link to the actual Fur Addiction website listings once we have them up in a few days. If you would like first choice on any of the new hand-dyed rainbow pieces feel free to check out the photos - all prices and sizes are stated there too :)

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