Friday, December 6, 2013

Blues and Yellows

These two bears are our lastest creations. They were totally inspired by the gorgeous sunflower-ish applique you can just make out on 'Addae's' paws. Mark and I pulled down all of the faux fur and mohair we thought might look best with the applique, and discussed which ones we thought were best. Mark really wanted the blue/yellow mix put together in some way, so we decided to make two bears!

This little guy is 'Hani' - and is the result of the blue/yellow idea. We've used our 'Zesty Lemon Sparkle' fur for the body, limbs and ears, and our 'Wild Blue Yonder' fur for the head. To tie the colours together a bit further, we then chose a blue-print cotton fabric for the paw pads, and saved enough to make a ruffle collar at the end. The result is this little cutie!

Hani is currently available in our etsy store. We used our 'Osias' pattern to create her, which is also available as an instant e-download.


Then there's 'Addae'. A very large, chunky big bear made using one of our original Emma's Bears patterns from many many years ago with the centre-seam part on the head. We used the 'Wild Blue Yonder' light blue fur his head and lower belly, and our darker 'Starlight Sparkle' fur for his limbs, ears and upper body.

We wanted to make sure all the colours tied in with the paw pad applique, so we specifically went shopping for a new pedant to match (and surprisingly found one that looks like it was made for him!). We also gave him a pair of our OOAK hand painted eyes in matching gold/aqua colouring. And the big hand-embroidered mid-blue nose just brings it all together! Truely a bear for a blue-loving collector!

Addae is currently available in our etsy store.

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  1. These two bears are wonderful! The colours fit together very much. Hugs, Iris :-)