Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We had a lot of fun (and made a lot of mess) dyeing up a couple of batches of rainbow mohair last fortnight. The photo above shows the fabric freshly painted, and below shows it washed and drying. 

We have the last few unsold  fat 1/8m and 1/4m pieces available on our website if you'd like to have a play too :) 

With some of the pieces I kept aside to use, I made these guys. 'Arcobaleno' is the BIG 18" very fluffy bear. We used our newly imported 'Eddie' range of white mohair to make this boy - which has a long 45mm wavy pile. It dyed up a lot nicer than I expected being so long - and this bear is one of my favourited. I've taken a few photos of him (shown below), and he is still available for adoption.


This little girl is 'Nalani', and was made in a shorter dense and wavy mohair that soaked up the colours beautifully - resulting in a very pretty little miss. She has since found her new home.


Then today we have just finished these little cuties made in a softer pastel version of our rainbow fur. We used our very dense, plush newly imported white 'Noah' mohair to make these two (the raw white can be seen on Synclair's head).

Synclair is 9" tall, and is currently available. 


And this is 'Sydney'. He is a bit taller, standing in at 15" tall. He has an unusual darker pair of our hand-painted glass eyes that give him a really cute wide-eyed look. Sydney is also currently available. 

(We also have one last piece of our 'Noah' mohair dyed in similar colours to these bears left on our website)


  1. If you lined all your rainbow bears up. I'm sure the pot of gold would be just where they sit. Lovely

  2. Dear Emma, your rainbow creations are wonderful! Love them. Hugs, Iris :-)

  3. thanks so much for your lovely comments guys!