Friday, August 2, 2013

The Candy Collection

This was a 'work-in-progress' photo I posted on the Emma's Bears Facebook page a few weeks ago. I had the brilliant idea to do a 'collection' of themed bears, and these guys were the result of the new design. At this stage they still needed stuffing and finishing, but they were looking cute (I also added a 'vanilla' bear to the group after this to make it an even dozen!).

The bears sat finished, but waiting for their accessories for a week or so after the last seams were closed. These gorgeous handmade polymer clay cupcake, donut, marshmallow and lolly pop pendants were coming all the way from the Philippines to us here in Australia. They arrived yesterday - and I got straight into allocating the right pendant to the right bear!

(you seriously NEED to check out this artist's store - 'AroundTheWorld'. She makes the most incredbly detailed little pendants!)

These are the finished 'Candy Collection' bears - all dozen of their sweet, fruity little buts! With names like 'Citrus Twist', 'Vanilla Pudding', 'Cranberry Crush' and 'Melon Mash'... they sound good enough to eat!

We started out making these guys with the intention that they would be small and afforable. So many of our larger bears cost over the $100-$200 mark, which seriously puts them out of reach for most people. I know I second guess myself about spending more then $100 on a bear for my own collection these days... where as once upon a time I wouldn't have blinked at that. If I wanted it - I would have bought it! Finances change though, and I know a lot of people are doing it tough.

These bears are still certainly not 'small change', but at $54 AUD for a one of a kind, handmade (some are even hand-dyed), fully jointed mohair bear (with awesome pendants!) - I think these guys work really well. And a 6" bear is able to slip into even the most well endowed bear collection!

These three are my favourites! I love the look of the 'Lilac Dreams' mohair on this little lady - with the trimmed back pink face and ears. (Plus I just like these girly colours!).

And for the 'last minute' bear, 'Vanilla Pudding' is a real sweet heart too. This was a piece of blonde mohair I had left in my personal stash from some other bears made a while ago - so it was good to be able to bring it to life.

And the little lady below was the result of a bit of Kool Aid mohair dyeing - I love the effect of Kool Aid, with the darker pile and lighter backing. And it's worked nicely here to give her ligher ears and a lighter nose.

If you particularly love any of the Candy Collection bears, it will be best to grab them as soon as you can as they won't be repeated. I may do another 'collection' again later this year though... maybe next time they can be bunnies... 'The Bunny Batch', or the 'Riot of Rabbits'... lol!


  1. Hi...long time no see: it has been summertime!

    Well you have been buzy making these darlings !
    I do Love the Vanilla Pudding.. ;)

  2. Your Candies are so lovely! Wonderful colours!