Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Collaboration Catch up

These are the 'forgotten bears'! lol

We've been working on a number of Collaboration Bears inbetween all of our other projects lately - But I completely forgot to show you guys! This little girl in blue is 'Lola'. And I think she's probably actually one of my all time favourites to come out of the Collaboration Collection so far!

She was just a classic mid-brown mohair bear... but when she was finished she actually looked naked to me. Some bears just need clothing. So I found some of this stunning blue satin and lace ruffle trim that I had in my stash, and started wrapping it around her waist to make a mini skirt. A quick little flick over the shoulders and back down to the curve of her back again (and a number of tiny stitches to hold it all in place) - and we had a very sweet, totally customised blue ruffle dress!

Lola is also (surprisingly for me) still available in our etsy store if you like her as much as I do! (no pressure though... I'm quite happy for her to stay! lol)


This little sweetheart was finished around the same time as Lola. We called her Paige and she was cut from a very unsually coloured smokey/lilac/grey mohair on a tan backing.

We didn't do a lot with the accessories for this girl - just s simple butterfly pendant and a white leather flower collar (see close up below).

Paige is currently available in our etsy store as well.


Then we had this little cutie in a bright colour-combo of yellow/pink tipped mohair with teal blue eyes! The photos actually don't do this bear justice. Don't you hate how sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can't capture a bear correctly. (Occasionally the reverse happens! lol - but not enough to even out the odds! :P)

We've called this one 'Quinn', and he too is available in our etsy store. 


And then... we had 'Leo'. Petite little Leo.

I called him this because he simultaneously reminds me of a mouse and a lion. He's just so sweet. I have no idea what is going on with his design - he has an almost triangle shaped body and big over-sized ears, very long limbs and two different coloured mohairs mixed together - but he just somehow works.

Leo is also available in our esty store. 


And last but not least - we have 'Bastijn'. He was made from a real fur of an unknown source. My guess was rabbit. But I could be wrong, I haven't had a great deal to do with real fur fabrics and bear making. This one was very VERY soft, dense and silky to the touch. And the darkest black. It really was lovely.

Because it was just pieces in the bag we were able to make some tweaks to the original design and add the lighter fur highlights so his little face would be a bit easier to see.

Bastijn has found his new home already.

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