Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Little Cub - homage to a bear from 4years ago

This sweet little guy is 'Little Cub'. He is made in a dense, cropped mohair we hand dyed jet-black. The original colouring was the soft honey brown - so we kept that for the face, ears and paws.

He may look familar to followers who have been around for a while... he's actually a homage to a big 20" bear we made about 4yrs ago called 'Sabriel.
 The original bear (photo above with the pebbles in the background) was given a splattering of lace detail, and we were able to track down our last scrap pieces of the same lace to use on Little Cub.
 The design was kept the same, just reduced to give us a 10" bear size. Little Cub is currently available in our etsy store. 


  1. Beautiful Little Cub, original and cute!


  2. he,s so wonderful bear, i really love your creations hugs cathy