Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just a few more Collaboration Bears... (20+ photos to go with them!)

As you're about to see - I've been having fun with the bear-bits-box! It's like Christmas each time I have a rummage through there... what will I find today!?

These are the Collaboration Bears completed over the last week or so.

We have 'Snicklefritz Schnauzer' below. He was a mass of confusing shapes in a bag marked 'dog'. But we wrestled with him and found a gorgeous little Schnauzer puppy under all that fluff.

He has been adopted.


This little guy just begged to be finished! I picked a piece up out of his bag and my finger tips fell in love. The fur is SO soft! (quite fiddly to work with), but beautiful to hold.

We called him 'Cream Puff' - and he is currently on HOLD.


This little guy was made as a request to see if there was a blue/green bear in the box that needed to be finished. He is going to be a friend for a special little boy. He was the ONLY blue/green mohair bear in all the hundreds of packets - so I think it is one of those 'meant to be' situations.


'Norah' ended up a bit crazier than I thought she would. As soon as I set those startling blue eyes I knew she needed a crazy nose to go with them - and this was the result! Her fur is a gorgeous vibrant purple mohair on a pink backing. I KNOW I used some of this many many years ago. ( I can't for the life of me think what that bear's name was though).
[just had a quick look through my bearpile archives - still can't find the bear I'm thinking of! :P Sophia was made in a very similar fabric, just with sparkles]

Norah is available in our esty store at present. 


THIS stunner was completed yesterday. It was another case of reaching into a bag of bear bits, only to have my finger tips explode with gloriousness... this was no ordinary fur. This is real fur. Like fur on leather real fur.

I have no idea what kind of real fur - only that it's in incredibly good condition, very thick and very soft. The photos have not captured the colours well either. It didn't help that it's quite a dark/rich red tone, and that the collar is a royal purple (my camera HATES purple!), nor that it has been raining here for the last week or so...

but none of that mattered for Merlot's new mum, and she has now been ADOPTED.


And lastly - to finish this mammoth post - we have gorgeous little 'Hobart'. I have the same feeling of deja vu working with his mohair - I am pretty sure I've used the same fur about 6-7yrs ago on a larger bear (funny I can remember the fabric, but not the finished bears name!).

Nonetheless - it is stunning mohair - long, thick and wavy, and a lovely traditional gold colour.

Hobart was named 'Hattie' on his packet... but he is most definitely a boy bear - so we renamed him.

He is currently available as well.

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  1. They are all beautiful. I love to see how the bears you make turn out.