Saturday, September 8, 2012


Some rattie photos for you to enjoy! I had hoped to be able to link you to their adoption pages... but they're both already adopted! We will attempt some more in some more 'rat-like' colours in the next few weeks. If you'd like to order a specific colour, please let us know (

Scamp is probably my pick of the two. I just love those big dumbo ears and the upturned nose. His little arms are jointed, and his feet and tail are wired. Both rats are made from our hand-dyed sparkle mohair contrasting with natural white sparkle mohair.

We've designed them so that they can stand up, begging for food and looking cute. Or they can stand on all fours, as if they're about to scurry away.

After researching all the rat coat markings, I decided that the hooded look was the most iconic. So that's what these guys are. Mind you, it'll probably look more realistic in natural rat colours as opposed to sunsets and cool blues!

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