Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Giveaway Custom bears

It's been a crazy week or so, but we finally got the giveaway custom bears finished for their new mums. I had hoped to get them finished a little sooner than the 11th  - but things happen... (kids refusing to go to bed mostly!), and everything gets delayed! lol. I really should learn to set myself a goal finishing date - then add an extra week onto it!!

This was the first winning custom request - a 'Wanda' bear in our Berry Mash faux fur with two different coloured painted glass eyes. I think she has come out wonderfully. Her new mum has called her 'Cronie'.

And this was the second winning custom request - the small bear in 'Surf's Up' mohair. We ended up using the 'Trini' pattern for this little guy, and it's worked really well. We're just waiting for his name to be chosen by his new mumma. Then he'll be on his way to The States! (my bears get to see so much more of the world than me!)


  1. Both bears are so cute and lovely!


  2. they're so sweet!
    I love the colors on Cronie!