Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A new/old pattern and a rattie work-in-progress

Jonas is a new 'old' bear for us. He's actually made from one of my early patterns (with a few tweaks), but still has that classic, original 'Emma's Bears' look. If you have one of my bears from 2001-2007ish, they'll probably have this kind of a look.

We've actually got this pattern in the works to become a professional PDF that you can download to make your own 'Jonas' bear. This particular one is made from our 'Brick Red' and 'Forest Dweller' matted mohair range. I spent ages trying to decide which two colours from this range to pair up because so many matches looked great.

And while we've been working on the give-away custom bears, we've also been designing a 'rat' as requested by a collector. This was my first time attempting to create a 3-dimensional, pose-able rat. Using a few gorgeous photos from google (and discovering that there is such a thing as a 'Dumbo Rat') - we had a working pattern, and got our little critters to this point! 

I'll pop the rest of the finished rattie photos up tomorrow night. 
(If you're really curious we also have them on our facebook page)


  1. Dear Emma, I like this old style teddy bear very much! Jonas is wonderful! Oh, nice rats, will have a look at them on FB later. Beary hugs, Iris xxx

  2. I have 3 of your bears Emma, two of that old style which I love. I hope you still make a few like Jonas.