Friday, September 14, 2012

Byron and Bella

Our latest sweet duo of beary-goodness! Meet Byron and Bella. Again, my lovely likers on our facebook page helped us out with the names for these two. I was quite shocked to discover that I hadn't had a 'Bella' before! I've had just about every other classic girls name from! :P 

Byron is so funky in his blue/ginger mix. I think this colour match up works due to the ginger/tan backing on the blue mohair. 

Byron is currently available as a finished, ooak bear made by Emma's Bears, or you can purchase the bits and bobs to have a go at making one like him. We used our 'Surf's Up' and 'Marmalade' mohair for this guy. So even if you already have a pattern you'd like to use, but just need some pretty mohair - this might be inspiration for your own project (if he is - we would LOVE to see any bears you make in a similar blue/ginger match up!)

And this sweet little lady is 'Bella'. Can you believe that when I first put her work-in-progress pic up on facebook the pole was unanimous that this bear should be a boy. 

I rebelled. And we now have a rather pretty little lady! :P 

Bella is also available as a finished, one of a kind Emma's Bears creation, or as a kit. We used 'Musk' and 'Bermuda' mohair for her colours. And again, I think these two fabrics worked because they both have a dark-choc backing, and are quite soft tones. 

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