Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank you Joanne from DesertMountainBear

I am sure you guys know of Joanne at Desertmountainbear. She is that incredibly talented, generous with her time/knowledge, and just generally awesome lady who makes THE MOST realistically detailed bears around. She recently blogged about turning her blog into a website - or rather being able to link it with her pre-existing website. I was fascinated! I meant to email her and ask her how on earth she did it, but then she put a link to a tutorial on wayne's blog from Wayneston Bears! Problem solved!

So for the last few evenings I have been putting these new found skills to good use improving my guinea pig website as a practice run for this one. I think I'm finally pretty happy with how my piggy page looks - so stay tuned for some changes around here shortly!

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