Friday, December 2, 2016

eBear online bear show - December 2016

The eBear online bear show (the last one for 2016) is happening this weekend - and this is our show team! 14 gorgeous bears, a mix of sizes and fur type, some baby bears, some rainbow bears, some faux fur bears, boys and girls, one with wings, a few wearing dresses... something for everyone! ;)

These 5 cuties are a mini collection within a collection - they're our 2016 Christmas baby bears - Toddler Klaus Israel, Baby Gabrielle Wish, Baby Bella Peace, Toddler Israella Ivy and Toddler Nazareth Noel.

All of the rest of the gang can be seen in the many, MANY photos below! To adopt one of these bears, head on over to the eBear show and click on the 'Emma's Bears' preview pic to be taken through to the individual bear listings :)

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