Thursday, December 22, 2016


This is the work-in-progress of our latest faux fur bear named 'Hank'. We made him using our new 'Coral Reef' faux fur, and I must say even I was surprised at just how thick and long the fur was. On the roll it really didn't look this nice - but made up it is stunning!

The fur comes with a naturally changing tonal effect - aqua blending into blue, blending into a hint of purple and then pink.

 We used our 'Belarius' pattern to make this big guy as we wanted the length in the limbs to be able to show case all of the colours. The photo below shows the pattern layout we used to achieve the 'dipped in colour' look. (This is a long 1/2m piece of fur, and we lined up all the feet and hands so that the pink colour would be at their tips. Please keep in mind that each 1/2m of Coral Reef fur cut from the roll will have a different proportion of colours, and that the colours may sit differently along the strip and you might not get the pink running along the bottom like this.)

And then this was the finished result. A big blue nose, droopy, fluffy ears and a shaggy hair-do. This is Hank! 

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