Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lloyd and Luca - kits available

These little cuties are our newest example bears, made to show off some STUNNING new kid mohair we imported direct from Germany late last month. The stone coloured kid mohair is slightly more curly then the brown/earth coloured piece, but both make up beautifully. 

These two bears are made using our 10" 'Osias' pattern, but this fur would also look incredible on bears up to 20" due to the texture and tipping effect. Trimming back the face reveals the lighter under-colour and there's enough density to achieve those cute little chubby cheeks. 

We currently have kits available for both Lloyd (the stone coloured fur) and Luca (the brown coloured fur), or you can buy a kit to make both bears together. Both Lloyd and Luca ready-made bears are already adopted though.

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