Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blue bears

Prepare to feast your eyes upon a smorgasbord of fluffy blue goodness! These latest two bears (shown immediately below) are custom orders we finished at the start of this fortnight. Both have now gone to their new homes, but I thought it would be worth showing them off as they are so cute!

You may be surprised (or you might not!?) to find out that all of the bears I've posted here on this particular post are made using the exact same pattern (our 16" Lyric design) and the same variety of fur (blue base with a pink/blue/purple tip). To keep them all unique they all have slightly different finishing details such as nose size/shape and colour, eye colour, ear placement, trimming effect on the cheeks and paw pads. These seemingly small things are really the things that end up giving the bear it's personality.

We don't have any of these bears available for adoption at the moment, but we are taking custom orders for them while our fur supply lasts. Price is AUD$320 pp per bear and the wait time for custom orders of all types is around 3 months at the moment.

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