Saturday, September 26, 2015

Small, fluffy Tissavel bears

We had a custom request to make a small, fluffy Tissavel bear recently - and for some reason my brain missed one of the crucial aspects of the design that the collector requested - full cheeks. So I was sitting there setting the eyes into this little one, when I suddenly realised that trimmed back staring back at me wasn't right for what was ordered! We sent a photo to the collector - but as suspected, this little one wasn't quite what she was after. So we called this teddy 'Bingo' and she's now available on our website as a ready-to-ship bear :)

So then we thought we'd try again.... (Scroll down!)

... and this was attempt number two. This little one is the exact same design (our 'Willa/Attila' pattern), and nearly the exact same Tissavel fur, just a different colouring, but this time we remembered to give him very fat little sculpted cheeks. He looks out through a pair of our hand painted glass eyes and is ridiculously heavy for his size! Hopefully this time he'll be just right ;)

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