Thursday, September 3, 2015


We were asked to make an owl for a custom order recently. We finally had a chance to get to work on one this week, but in typical Emma's Bears style I decided to make things trickier and make TWO! lol. Why not double the work load!?

This little guy here with the sparkling eyes is to the custom specifications that his collector wanted. And she has adopted him already :) The eyes have so much more depth then is shown in the photos too. He really is quite striking. He is our first owl to have the painted glass eyes.

The second Owl was an experiment using our newest faux fur fabrics with our Barn Owl pattern. We used our super long white 'Cloud Dancer' faux fur for his head and belly, and our 'Wolf' long multi-tipped brown faux fur for his wings and back. A piece of faux suede was used for his beak and feet and some LARGE black glass eyes to give him his owl-ish look.

We've called him 'Othello' and he is currently available for adoption. We also have the full kit for him available in our etsy store as well.

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