Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Lost Toys

THIS is what we've been busy with for the last few weeks. The 'Lost Toys' collection. This the the revised and improved version of the design I was working on last post - with the addition of a fox, a panda and a mouse to the original bear and doggy.

We used our earthy range of short matted antique-style German mohair to create these guys, using every one of the six colours to give a gorgeous depth and variety to the full collection.

We will be releasing the pattern for this collection later this month as well. The basic shape is the same for all five critters with only differences to the placement of colour and the shape of ears and tails giving them their individual characters.

We've done this collection as an OPEN EDITION as well. This means that anyone can order any of the critters and we will make them up for you (please allow approx 2-3weeks for completion of the critters though as we process through previous custom orders).

We will only make the collection for as long as we have stock of these fabrics. This might mean we only make 2-3 of each critter, or we might end up making 10 of each!? We don't really know. It's kind of exciting for me though to see how many I do end up creating in each version. You can rest assurred that after about 10 I will no doubt be 'over' it, and decide enough is enough! (so there will never be thousands of these critters throughout the world!)

To view the complete collection, head on over to our Fur Addiction supplies store where they have their own listing.

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