Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Fabrics! (and bears)

Ooh So much to tell you!

We have new Limited Edition faux fur fabrics in our Fur Addiction store...

... this one is 'Bush Fire' and it is one I have used a few years ago to make the bear above called 'Bumble' (he is adopted). It is SUPER dense and very very soft and as vivid as it appears in the photos. We have a few pieces left if you'd like to have a play with it.

We also have this STUNNING rainbow tipped white faux fur fresh in the door as well. I've been itching to get my hands on this one. It was expensive, but it is seriously worth it. We have limited pieces of this one available in our store as well.

These are some bears we made in the new rainbow faux fur. The bigger one 'Aneko' is a VERY chunky 22" tall and mixed in panda style with out long pile 'Ace of Spades' black faux fur. It gives the rainbow fur a totally different look to the little 16" bear ('Kai') who is just cut from rainbow.

(The close up photo below is the best 'true-colour' example out of all of the panda photos)

We decided to try something a bit different with Kai and offer her in a facebook auction. Similar to an ebay auction in that it has an end time (3pm tomorrow, Thursday the 17th July - local Brisbane time), and the bids started from $10. We will cover postage anywhere in the world, and have just asked people to bid what they would be happy to pay for her. At the time of writing she is up to about $60 - so a GREAT bargain if you're looking to add a one of a kind beautiful little rainbow artist bear to your collection!

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