Thursday, August 11, 2011

Faux fur fox stole - attempt II

This ball of fluff is actually a piece of crazy red and black faux fur I picked up the last time I was brave (stupid) enough to go to my local fabric store with the kids.

It's really long, crazy scruffy, and the perfect colours to try fox fur stole no. 2.

This is a photo of him after I'd finished sewing, stuffing and trimming last night. During the 5mins of 'free' time I snatched today I managed to sculpt a little black polymer clay fox nose, and plan to attach that and his eyes shortly.


  1. Can't wait to see what he turns out like, love the colors!

  2. Oh my, this is so much better than the blue one and with the nose it will be perfect.

  3. Exciting! I think the face looks much more life-like (as much as it can in red and black fur lol) than the blue one. Great job!!