Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby and Toddler update

We got another awesome package from our USA guardian angel Julie this week. And in it were three super cute plushies! This baby blue elephant was for Byron. He's almost 5 months old now. Where did that time go!?

I checked his stats after his 4 month immunisations, and he was only 5cm shorter and 1.5kg lighter than Chelsea was at 12months! He is a BIG Bubba!

He was quite partial to his elephant too! Thank you Julie!

Chelsea got two teddies! She's almost 2 (just a few more weeks), so is a little harder to capture on camera. But here I have a series of blurry photos showing her trying to position her teddies on my new bear shelf. Very cute! I suppose with all of my collection on the upper shelves, she must just think that's what we do with teddies!


  1. OMG! You're children are so beautiful Emma!
    The elephant is adorable!

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