Friday, July 8, 2016

Nirvana and Naiya

This week, while we've been surviving the second week of school holidays and waiting for some custom-dyed mohair for upcoming commissioned bears to dry, we decided to finish off these BIG rainbow bears. 

They have been sitting there for a while now, waiting for their opportunity to be jointed, stuffed and finished. I had originally planned to have them finished in time for the next eBear online bear show (which is due to open in around a month), but was too excited and wanted to show them off NOW! lol 

The larger bear (23") is Naiya, and the smaller bear (21") is Nirvana. Both have now been adopted sorry. 

* Nirvana was made using a piece of our long pile hand-dyed rainbow mohair and our 'Belarius' pattern. And Naiya was made using our 'Lyric' pattern enlarged to give a 23" bear instead of the original 16", and a mix of hand-dyed and ivory mohair.

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